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Muddy Pig Pottery

Air-Dry Clay Packs

Play like a Pig in Clay!

Do you want to get your hands mucky and have fun creating something unique?

This might be the perfect activity for you to unwind and enjoy the moment like a pig in mud. 

Working with clay is one of the most sensory and theraputic activities you can do. It can help you escape the day-to-day with squishing, squeezing, rolling and bashing. 

Our Muddy Pig Packs can give you a real insight into working with clay, giving you the chance to make something special from the comfort of your own home.

muddy pig pack ..jpg

No kiln or experience needed!

Whether you want to find a new hobby or just have some fun with family, friends, or with your other half, this pack caters for any age or ability. 

Inside the pack there are a few ideas with instruction to help with inspiration. However, the possibilities are many from pots, tealight holders, dishes, vases for dried flowers, hanging decorations, coasters, ornaments, models to jewellery stands.

Having tested a lot of air dry clays, this is by far the best. It is strong, smooth and has a high quality finish once dry, with no need for firing.

The pack also includes 6 high quality wooden modelling tools, a metal kidney scraper, rolling pin, sponge and a canvas for working on - everything you need to get creating!

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