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About Me

Based in Newbury and now mum of 2 I have been continuing my passion for clay since I graduated from University of Plymouth with a 1st Class Hons degree in '3D Design: Designer Maker' in 2008. After which I did some travelling and found some inspiration from countries such as Malawi, Fiji and New Zealand before coming back to my routes in Berkshire.


My ceramics has mostly been press-moulded earthstone clay into my own moulds, then smoke-fired within sawdust in my garden, for a natural and rustic effect.

However, I have also discovered a love for introducing clay to others; whether that be for 4 year olds of 84 year olds. I believe there are so many different benefits from using clay, from developing fine motors skills and hand and eye coordination. I allows for expression, relaxing and socialising.

With this in mind, I started hosting workshops and parties, which has been great fun. 

It was a combination of having children and the Covid Lockdown that encouraged me to create Muddy Pig Pottery Packs. This allowed me to spread the passion for clay out to homes and watch all the creativity from afar.


With in my personal work I create both free-standing and framed pieces as well as a variety of hanging decorations and napkin ties. These can be used as accessories in the home or as gifts. They are also popular at weddings to add a little extra handmade touch to add to the bouquet, table planner, centre pieces or as the favours.


I am very much interested in how the way clay behaves as a raw material. Clay can be impressionable, malleable, rough, but most important of all it is natural. I like to create unique display pieces that work with rather than control clays natural properties. Many of my pieces are individual and reflect the iconic shapes such a urns, plates, vases, teapots and cups. This means the pieces tend to reject the concept of industrialisation and contrast with our instincts to functionalise.

I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to hearing your feedback or maybe see you at a workshop.


Thank you 


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