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About Me

I have been based in my workshop in Lower Way Farm, Thatcham since 2010 making and developing my work. I graduated from University of Plymouth with a 1st Class Hons degree in '3D Design: Designer Maker' in 2008. After which I did some travelling and found some inspiration from countries such as Malawi, Fiji and New Zealand before coming back to my routes in Berkshire.


My ceramics has mostly been press-moulded earthstone clay into my own moulds, then smoke-fired within sawdust in my garden, for a natural and rustic effect.


I create both free-standing and framed pieces as well as a variety of hanging decorations and napkin ties. These can be used as accessories in the home or as gifts. They are also popular at weddings to add a little extra handmade touch to add to the bouquet, table planner, centre pieces or as the favours.


I am very much interested in how the way clay behaves as a raw material. Clay can be impressionable, malleable, rough, but most important of all it is natural. I create unique display pieces that work with rather than control clays natural properties. My pieces are all individual and reflect the iconic shapes such a urns, plates, vases, teapots and cups. This means the pieces tend to reject the concept of industrialisation and contrast with our instincts to functionalise.

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